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Factory Technologies supports PLC and PAC systems from most major manufacturers with a strong emphasis on Rockwell Automation products.

The automation department at FTI is responsible for developing the logic and Human machine interfaces to control equipment, conveyances, processes and systems. The department offers the following services:

  • Logic programming

    Our team programs in a structured fashion utilizing ladder logic for basic projects and advanced languages for more complex systems when appropriate

  • Visualization

    We support most modern HMI achitechtures including Ignition by Inductive Automation, Factory Talk View by Rockwell Automation and Wonderware by Schneider Electric.

  • Data Services

    Our team develops data collection systems that interface with common database platforms and accounting systems.

  • Industrial Network Design

    Proper industrial network design is crucial to successful implementation of industrial networked devices. We can design your network with a combination of fiber, copper and multilayer switches to ensure solid industrial communications

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